Website Access

Why Parish Members should register to use this website.

This website has a Public Area where anyone may visit, and a restricted Membership Area.

The Membership Area is limited to Parishioners that are on the Parish Roll. A large amount of Parish specific information available to Parishioners there. Photographs, documents, downloads, Sound Files, Rosters, Contact Information. If you are one of our regular people and are not currently on the Parish Roll, please talk to Helen or Lyn.

We encourage all of our Parishioners to Register and make use of the new website.

For Parishioners to gain access, you need to do two things:

1. Complete a Parish Registration Form and submit it. The form requirements are :

  • Your Name that will be your User Name (one you will need to remember).
  • Your current Email Address,
  • A Password of your choice (one you will need to remember),
  • Your Phone Number (we might ring to check you are who you say you are),
  • A Parish Email Address if you need one (rarely given - we will contact you about this), and
  • For you to confirm if you are or are not on the Parish Roll.

There is also a security check - designed to prevent "rogue computers" from filling in the form.

When you have submitted your registration, it may take a fewdays for one of our administrators to access, inspect and authorise your account. God gave us life and work, and it is often a day or two before we get to administer this website. We will email you if we have any questions or when we ok your account and confirm information.

2. Login to the Website. Once an administrator has authorised your account, use the login box at the bottom of the website pages using the User Name and Password you chose when you registered. You shouldn't need to go there again during your visit.

If you forget your password, please don't ask us what it is . . . we don't know. It is buried somewhere deep in a database used by the system. Instead, use the forgot password option at the bottom of the login page. The webserver will send an email to the one you registered with so you can choose a new one.

We hope this makes sense. If you have any further questions or want some tutoring on how to use it, email or talk to Neill, Helen or Lyn.

So Parish of Pohangina People, be brave and click here to begin your journey!

The Admins