Our Privacy Policy

It is Parish policy to disclose only the contact information for the senior office holders, the parish office address, the telephone number and a limited contact email addresses.

In all other situations, other than a persons Christian name, we will not disclose on our web pages the personal information of any of our parishioners or their families, including images, cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, nor will we list physical, email or postal addresses.

Our Web Site

This websites purpose is for providing information about us to the members of our parish and to the public. If you find any problems or errors within our website, or have any ideas or thoughts to make our site better, use the feedback form, letting us know what and where and how. We like good comments and reports too !

The website administrator can be emailed at

For those parish members that haven't registered to use this website, please go to the Registration Explained page and read the information there. If you had registered with our previous site, I'm sorry - you will need to register again!

Our Photographs

All images on this website remain the property of the Parish of Pohangina. If you are wanting to copy or use any images found on this site, feel free to do so, providing that :

  1. If a person is identifiable in an image, you need to get that persons permission, or Contact Us to get that persons permission
  2. You credit the image as, or at a minimum make comment as to where the photo came from